By shooting so many weddings over the last several years, we’ve picked up on some facts of wedding day life that few people talk about, but that we’ve learned from experience are common to most weddings.

1. You Will Be Late

90% of the weddings we shoot are delayed.  Bridesmaids are never ready in time.  There is always one groomsman who planned on showing up exactly when the ceremony starts, and not a moment before.  There are inevitable delays at every wedding.  Despite your best intentions, your day of timeline will quickly be obsolete.  (“The best laid plans…”.)

bride running late

It’s truly astonishing that so many weddings run late, considering that most couples have a day of coordinator or wedding planner.  One would think they would be able to ensure that things happen on time, or would plan a little cushion into the timeline to account for the inevitable delays in finishing all the bridesmaids hair and makeup.  But they don’t.

And the worst part about running late?  Coordinators love to try to get the whole thing back on schedule by cutting short the portrait time after the ceremony.  So then we have 20 family photos, bridals, and the bride and groom portraits to take and … what? … only 20 minutes to do all that?

So our advice is to think about how long it’ll take to get ready for the ceremony, then add an hour.  That should be enough cushion to make sure you still have plenty of photo time.

bride arrested, not really

2. Something Will Not Go As Planned

If you expect everything to run smoothly on your wedding day, you will be disappointed.  We’ve shot enough weddings to know that not everything will go as planned.  At least one thing will go wrong, so keep a positive outlook and remember that the day is not about the wedding cake, the song for the father-daughter dance, the seating arrangement, or the boutonnieres.  Don’t let whatever inevitably goes wrong distract you from having a great time and enjoying this precious day with your partner!

3. It Will Fly By

It is amazing how many of our clients have a very similar reaction to first seeing their wedding day photos.  Usually it’s something like, “Oh my God, I didn’t remember half of what happened that day!”  or “You captured so many great moments I didn’t even notice!”  Almost all couples say that the day simply flew by and they had a hard time savoring the moments.  So much is going on, you are constantly being pulled and pushed to the next thing on the timeline, greeting so many guests, that the time just flies by and the next thing you know you’re married!

As has been said so many times before, your wedding photos are the only thing you will have years down the road to remember the day by.  Please make sure you don’t skimp on the one thing that will last forever.

bride tears up at wedding

4.  You Will Be Hungry!

You will have very little time to actually enjoy the catered meal you spent days picking out.  So be sure to pick something that makes great leftovers and pack some protein bars to scarf down during breaks!

Now go enjoy your big day, and remember what’s truly important!