What is a first look?  It is a moment before the ceremony, where the groom sees his bride in her wedding dress for the first time.  Because it is done away from all the guests and without the formalities of the ceremony, it is a more intimate and private moment that can lead to some great photos.

amazing first look

We always discuss with our clients the benefits of doing a first look before the ceremony.  First, some grooms are more expressive when seeing their bride for the first time before the ceremony.  Something about the fact that it’s just the two of you by yourselves that seems to get the tears flowing!


Second, doing the first look before the ceremony frees up the schedule.  After first look, we can bust out the bridal party photos, family photos, and some couples’ portraits.  This means less time necessary for photos after the ceremony, and more time for you to enjoy cocktail hour with your guests!


Third, we find that doing a first look before the ceremony helps calm nerves and eliminate stress.  Think about it, you’ve committed to spending your life with this person, you’ve spent months planning this event together, you’re a team…and then on this most important day you spend half of it apart?  Seeing each other before the ceremony, checking in, and having a special moment makes everyone feel more relaxed and comfortable.

first look

But don’t worry, whether you do a first look or not, we will definitely capture your partner’s expression when you walk down the aisle.