Our engagement sessions are fun and result in beautiful images.  But some couples needlessly stress about their engagement sessions.  Here are some tips for making the most out of your engagement sessions.

1. Pick the Right Photographer

You should choose a photographer that makes you feel comfortable.  The best images come when your guard is down and you are just being yourself.  With the right photographer, you will feel comfortable and confident, and the photos will reflect that!

austin engagement photo

2. Time of Day is Critical

Some couples are surprised when we insist on engagement photos being taken at either sunrise or sunset.  (Most people would not volunteer to wake up at 5 a.m. on a Sunday to go get photos taken.)  But the time of day is crucial to great photos.  The time right after sunrise and right before sunset are known as the “golden hours” of photography.  The lighting is perfect for wonderful portraits.  Often the only difference between amazing engagement photos and run-of-the-mill photos is simply whether they were taken during golden hour.


3. Treat Yourself to Some Hair or Makeup Styling

To get the most out of your engagement photos, consider treating yourself to professional hair and/or makeup.  You want to look your best, and it’s a great opportunity to test out hair or makeup ideas for your wedding!  But a word of caution: if you do get professional hair or makeup done, don’t go overboard.  You still want to look like yourself and be comfortable during the shoot.

environmental engagement

4. Outfits

We recommend couples bring a few different outfit options, and most of our sessions will include two outfit changes.  For the best photos, choose timeless looks over what is trendy or in style at the moment.  Choose clothes that you feel the most confident and comfortable in.  Avoid anything with printed words and no graphic tees (please)!  We don’t encourage our couples to wear the same color, but colors that work well together are always wonderful.  For your two outfits, start with something more formal (what you’d wear on a night on the town), followed by something more casual.  For women, we love flowy dresses that can show a lot of movement.  For men, we love plaids.


5. Tiny Movements

When your photographer suggests a change to your pose, asks you to move a certain way, tilt your head, etc., remember to keep all your movements tiny.  We know from experience that if you ask people to move six inches to the right, they will move about 12-18 inches.  (We don’t know why this happens, but psychologists should investigate!)  When we’re posing our couples and composing an image, the changes we suggest are to make tiny improvements in the pose.  We are truly micromanaging the pose to get the best look, so clients that make tiny movements as opposed to big movements make our job a lot easier.

south congress engagement

6. Relax

Take some deep breaths, relax, and trust in your photographers.  When we shoot engagements, we tell our clients that if we’re not saying anything, just keep doing what they’re doing, because it looks great.  If something doesn’t look right, we’ll fix it.  So don’t worry, it is not your job to compose great images.  There is no need to scour Pinterest for poses or practice before your session.  Your photographers, if they are worth their salt, will know how to pose you and get wonderful candid expressions.   You are in good hands, just relax, enjoy spending this special time with your fiancé or fiancée, and be yourself!