Bridal sessions are a great opportunity to test your dress, makeup, and hair as well as create some beautiful images to display at your wedding and cherish for years to come!  We encourage our brides to consider getting a bridal session.  This is a special time in your life, you are spending a ton of money on your dress, and it just makes sense to devote an hour or 90 minutes to creating some beautiful images that will commemorate this precious moment.  And it’s a lot of fun!

graffiti bridal shoot

1. Test Your Dress

Bridal sessions are the perfect opportunity to see if you need any additional alterations to your dress before the big day.  After spending an hour moving around in their wedding dress, about half of our brides discover they would benefit from additional alterations.  Too snug, too loose, too whatever…best to find out before the big day!

beautiful bridal photos

2. Test Your Hair and/or Makeup

Bridal sessions also double as a great test of your hair and makeup.  Many brides will change their hair or makeup after the bridal session. (“I can’t believe I thought cat eyes would be a good idea!”)  This is the perfect chance to test hair and makeup before your wedding day.

beautiful bridal photos

3. Do Something Fun!

We always get a few bridal photos on the wedding day, but a separate bridal session is a chance to just focus on you.  The wedding day is filled with expectation, guests, to do lists, timelines, fussy relatives, nerves, etc., but the bridal session is just you and your photographers.  So we encourage our brides to make it their own!  Find a cool venue you’d like to shoot in, put your wedding gown on and pose in front of graffiti.  Feel free to let your creativity flourish and your personality shine through!

cop car bridal

4. Limit the Entourage

As much as you may love your mom, your sister, or your best friend, we find that the best bridal images happen when it’s just our bride and us.  Though they mean well, your loved ones’ critical eyes can leave you feeling insecure or just distract you from being yourself and letting us do all the work.  Leave them at home!  We find a direct correlation between how stressed a bride is and the size of her entourage.  For your bridal session, the smaller the entourage the better.

beautiful bridal photos

5.  Don’t Delay

Don’t put off getting your bridal portraits done.  First, you may decide to do alterations on your dress or change your makeup/hair.  Second, doing the session will add even more excitement to your big day and give you some great images to boost your confidence!  We recommend you schedule your bridal sessions as soon as you can.  Believe us, you’ll have plenty to do the month before the wedding!

beautiful bridal photos