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About In Your Eyes Photography

In Your Eyes Photography is an Austin wedding photography company, owned and operated by me, John McConnell.  I have years of experience documenting the most important days in people’s lives.  I established In Your Eyes Photography in 2010 in an effort to elevate wedding photography in Texas by blending the photojournalistic style of documenting authentic candid moments with the technical expertise of classic portraiture and fine art photography.


I am not a weekend warrior.  I am a passionate, full-time, professional wedding photographer.  When I’m not shooting weddings, engagements, and bridal shoots, I can be found in the In Your Eyes studio turning pixels into prints, and moments into memories.

My Story

Back in May 2005, I stood on the stage at UCLA School of Law and received my law degree.  If you would have told me then that a decade later I’d be a professional wedding photographer in Austin, Texas, I would have thought you were insane.   Over the next year, I passed the bar exams in California and Texas, and landed a great job as an associate at a well-respected civil litigation firm in Austin.  

Me then.

Me then.

Years later, after thousands of hours of hard work and dedication, I became a partner, with the salary and responsibility that came with the position.  I argued a case in front of the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, helped recover millions of dollars that investors lost in a scam, defended Constitutional rights, and helped hundreds of clients with their legal disputes.

The legal world was intellectually stimulating, but I felt like a whole side of me was being unfulfilled.  While I made good money and had a comfortable lifestyle, I was not happy.  I was overly stressed and overworked, and it was affecting my health.  I was still young, but I felt old.  I sometimes questioned whether life was worthwhile at all.  I knew I needed something else.

Then I bought my first digital SLR.  I was instantly hooked.  I was obsessed.  I could not think of anything else other than photography, and began shooting whenever I could.  I would spend 12 hours at the firm, and then come home to devour everything I could read or watch on professional photography.  

I felt alive again.  Reawakened.  I had discovered something I was passionate about.  I unlocked my creativity and knew I had to keep taking photographs.  In particular, I was captivated by wedding photography.   Shooting weddings would mean being surrounded by love, joy, and celebration every weekend.  And, because I was used to preparing for large trials, I knew I could easily handle the stress of the wedding day.

I was determined to become a wedding photographer in Austin.  I definitely had some apprehension about leaving my successful legal career to pursue my passion — and my parents were pretty skeptical — but I knew that if I didn’t try it, I would always regret it.

So in 2010 I formed In Your Eyes Photography and began shooting weddings in Austin and beyond.  My hopes were confirmed — wedding photography proved to be the perfect outlet for my creativity and visual mind, and it also appealed to my logical and technical side.  The challenge and opportunity of wedding photography meant that I would never grow bored, and I would always be able to push my images to the next level.

In January 2015, after shooting countless weddings and building the company, I left the law firm to devote all of my time to In Your Eyes.  And I have never been happier and more excited to get to work every morning!  My friends tell me I look years younger, and the headaches, backaches and other stress-induced ailments I had as a lawyer have all disappeared.  I am proud to be a passionate and dedicated full-time wedding photographer, and overjoyed to have taken the risk and followed my heart.

I treat each wedding as something unique, personal, and as a true blessing.  I still cry during vows.  I still laugh during toasts.  I absolutely love getting to know our couples and their families and friends, I still get incredibly excited before each wedding I shoot, and when I watch them cry tears of joy when they see their images for the first time, I know that I have the best job in the world.

When I’m not working, I am planning my own wedding with my beautiful and talented fiancée, Lauren, going running with our tiny furry puppies on the greenbelt, reading about technology, and playing drums.


In Your Eyes Today

Today, In Your Eyes Photography consists of me, my talented team of photographers (including Lauren and Audrey), and our behind-the-scenes assistants who work in harmony to create a collection of priceless images from each wedding we shoot.  

On the wedding day, we shoot with intention and mindfulness, with the goal of helping you truly SAVOR the wedding day.  While we’re taking wonderful candid shots and crafting beautiful portraits, we make sure we’re a calm and reassuring presence and not adding to the stress of the day.  We want our clients to take a moment here and there, pause, and breath in everything about their wedding.  Instead of creating posed and lifeless photos, we create emotions, genuine expressions, and real memories that you will be able to relive again and again when you see your images.

In Your Eyes has become known for capturing the tears of joy, loving glances, hilarious dance moves, and all the wonderful candid moments that make up the wedding day, as well as crafting beautiful wall-worthy portraits that our clients cherish for a lifetime.  We are based in Austin, but love shooting weddings in San Antonio, Dallas and Houston.  


We offer two photographer coverage, edited and retouched digital files, same-day slideshows, rehearsal dinner coverage, brunch coverage, engagement sessions, bridal sessions, and beautiful one-of-a-kind print products and wedding albums.  Prices vary depending on season and other factors, but most of our couples invest $3200-5000 in their wedding collection.

Me now.

Our Studio

Our studio is conveniently located in West Lake Hills, at 3930 Bee Caves Rd. We believe having a quiet place to meet clients is essential, and we love not having to talk about your wedding day at a busy coffeeshop (or get coffee spilled on our albums)! Also, our studio is where we host Reveal Parties!

Reveal Parties

One of our favorite things that we offer is the Reveal Party. Imagine sitting with your now-husband or wife, drinking champagne, and watching a beautiful 15 minute slideshow of our favorite images retelling the story of your wedding day, projected in HD on our 72″ screen. Laughter and tears of joy inevitably follow. It’s a great introduction to your wedding photos and the perfect way to celebrate and relive your wedding day either just the two of your or with family and friends! We offer the Reveal Party to all of our clients and it’s an essential part of the In Your Eyes experience.

About Our Clients

Our clients are couples who value professional, high-quality candid images as well as beautiful, artistic, and creative portraits.  For them, photography is important, and they recognize the value in having wonderful images they’ll cherish for a lifetime and pass down to their children.  Our clients want photographers they can trust to document their wedding authentically, create stunning images, and truly capture all the love, joy, and celebration of their big day.

Uniqueness and artistry appeals to our couples, and they want wedding images that are beautiful and different. Our clients believe in artistic vision and creativity, and want to hire a photographer whose particular style appeals to them.  

They think wedding photography is an investment, not an expense.  They understand that their wedding photos are the only thing that’ll last longer than their wedding day, and they appreciate the skill required to turn a fleeting moment into a beautiful and timeless image.  

Our couples believe that hiring a wedding photographer is not just another box to check on the wedding planning to-do list, but a very important decision.  When it comes to choosing who will documents the moments they will look back on their entire lives, our clients want to be absolutely confident in their choice.